Growing The Successful Future US Soccer & Futsal Players

Program Quality Excellence: USSG will offer all soccer players only authentic and meaningful training and no shiny objects. This is an evidence based program, where decision making is the objective, technical ability is the tool, physical training is an important necessity and sport psychology the added value in developing long term development and excellence.

How It Works: Players subscribe at very low cost and select the level of the program that they wish to train based on age and ability. The program offers 6 levels (ages), and each level offers 12 full training modules and 12 short version modules, so 24 training modules per level. Each module offers a full training session with many exercises. Program includes exercise in the areas of technical development (premium focus), tactical development (premium focus), physical development and psychological development (premium focus). Train regularly, train with joy, pursue your dreams and see yourself achieve great growth and development.

The Difference: The program and exercises are evidence based. Players are provided with a high intensity environment, where information changes quickly, requiring the same problem solving skills required during games and shifts player training and mindset toward top quality.

Set For Excellence: You simply select your training and follow it from there. No interruptions, no shiny objects, just development, focus, quality and excellence. Simple, Direct, Quality.